The Magician’s Code

Today is a day of magic. Learning magic tricks that is, in an attempt to successfully pull off my Barney Stinson persona this Halloween. I use the word persona instead of costume because the genuine fun of Halloween is becoming a different character, not just looking like one. Even though it is only just June, I’m already convinced that becoming Barney is going to be legen… wait for it… dary. Barney is actually somewhat of an inspirational character to me. Not because of how promiscuously he lives, but because of the energy he shows for each day, which is, needless to say, something I don’t do very well. There isn’t too much to get excited about in Cortez, Colorado, so I think it’s understandable that I am already looking forward to Halloween, or any time that I will be back in Norman. Don’t get me wrong, Cortez isn’t a bad place, but there just is not much here to occupy my time.

Thankfully, the Thunder are currently playing in the Western Conference Finals every other night. Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka turned in magical performances of their own yesterday, which, of course, you can read about at the Daily Thunder. I do wish that I were able to be home to go to these games. Being in downtown OKC during the playoffs is an experience unlike any other. Hopefully, if the Thunder advance, I’ll be able to make it home for Game 6 of the Finals (I’m already scheduling it on my calendar).

Something else I am looking forward to is road tripping to Chicago before the beginning of the semester. I turn 21 about a week before school starts in the fall, and Bryan, E. T., AJ, and I are planning on spending a weekend driving to Chicago and back. We’ll stop in St. Louis before we head to Chicago to get delicious deep dish pizza and experience the Chicago night life. This is something all of us are excited about because: 1.) roadtrips are awesome, and 2.) none of us have been to legitimate clubs before. It’s a ways down the road still, but I’m looking forward to it because, well, I won’t be sitting at home in Cortez. I’m trying to put an outfit together in my mind for the trip, so expect some posts with inspirations for my attire. There’s certainly more that I could post here (about Mom on TPIR or my Colorado crush), but they probably deserve their own posts here in the near future. Hopefully I use this blog more legitimately than my last one, and I think at least while I’m here, I will. Not sure what my goal is with it. Not to be read necessarily, but I guess to be able to one day look back on my thoughts as a twenty year old and ridicule my former self, or, hopefully, realize how much my life and I have changed for the better. Anyways, until next time, enjoy this Serge Ibaka Dunk over Tim Duncan.


Sorry this font sucks, but I don’t want to pay to change it. I am a poor college student after all.


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