First, I would like to comment on how both of my posts share titles with HIMYM episodes. Not sure if I can keep this up, but I like the trend. Anyways, my mom and cousin made an appearance on The Price is Right last week. They actually shot the show over a month ago, so we all knew how they did, but it didn’t air until Memorial Day. They did very, very well, winning two cars, a mountain bike, snowboard, surfboard, and an iPad. Donna Marie actually was the first person under the age of 18 ever to be part of a team that won a vehicle because, until this episode, every contestant had to be 18 or older.  This caused a ton of commotion in our family, and it was really awesome that they got to even be on the show, let alone win. The link above is the full show on the CBS website, but it will probably eventually expire. In a related note, it is unreasonably difficult to find media from the show online. Anyways, it was very weird experience to watch my mom on national television like that. She was worried that she said or did something stupid that would be shown on TV. She said that being on the show was so nerve racking that (LeBron James just made a three to tie game 4 of the ECF with 30 seconds left, getting intense) she couldn’t remember what she said or how she acted. She thought she might have showed too little emotion, but even if that would have been true, Donna more than made up for it. Donna’s role was to get them on the show and to be entertaining once they got on so Mom could focus (LeBron passes out of the last shot again, of course. Overtime now.) on the games. They both did their jobs perfectly though. They really were never awkward or anything at all either which is a positive, except for Donna falling on the floor or wrapping her leg around mom after spinning the wheel. Overall, it was really awesome for them and for all of us watching.

I called dibs on the mountain bike, by the way, since my bike was stolen from Dale Hall this semester. Tichansky said the new bike is pretty legit, so I think I’m going to need to invest in a bike lock this semester. I’m waiting to see who wins this game so I can include it in this post, so I’ll previews some of the plays I’ll be running as Barney Stinson this Halloween until it ends. So far I have decided to run The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn, The Magician (just my magic trick), The One Week to Live, The SNASA, and The Don’t Drink That. Maybe I’ll try The Other Jonas, but I think my audience may be too old for this. Maybe I’ll write a post to break down these plays and the rest of my strategy as Halloween gets closer (LBJ fouls out with 2 minutes left. Pierce fouled out already with 4 left. This game is losing all of its best players). Wade misses the three in OT that would have won. Boston wins and ties series at 2-2. Yea, yea, who cares, Thunder Up.


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